Positive Grid takes its BIAS Head and shrinks it right down to ‘chuck it in your gigbag’ size.
Bigscreen projection made easy in a neat short-throw Epson model that sits right by the screen.
TCL’s latest Series X TVs are super-slim, with QLED backlighting, Android smarts and a built-in Harman-Kardon sound system. We review the X4 model.
13 channels of power makes this the biggest consumer-branded AV amplifier we’ve ever tested. And it’s full of tricks.
High quality standmount speakers with an extra bass driver hiding up on top. The resulting performance proved spectacular for the price point.
The TK800 is not only BenQ’s lowest price yet for an Ultra-HD projector, in some ways it’s also the best of them.
There are so many paths to music these days that hi-fi systems can get out of hand. If only one single box could bring it all together...
When is a CD player not just a CD player? When it's also an SACD player and a DAC.
Alex Wilson investigates the latest iteration of these common, low-budget studio monitors to see if they deliver the goods.​
These award-winning active, wireless speakers are absolutely outstanding value for money!
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