There’s no mistaking a Vivid Audio loudspeaker design — but it’s not only their appearance that marks them out. We reckon you could pick them just as easily blindfolded, from their sound quality.
There’s no shortage of travel-savvy wireless noise-cancelling headphones on the market to choose from. But Pioneer has managed to load up on functionality – at an attractive price.
Alex Wilson spends some time with a classic design from the annals of guitar history.
Sooner or later, we all want that one famous guitar sound. Carl Martin takes a punt at an iconic tone and discovers a very cool byproduct.
Planar magnetic headphones at an attractive price, a custom variant of a Fostex pair which we’ve previously enjoyed. So what’s different?
Radically different headphones, personalised to your hearing via an auditory check, and also being both over-ear and in-ear at the same time.
Hand-built in Brooklyn from Norwegian wood, the new GH3 should extend further the strong following for Grado’s unique headphone designs.
Magical music, fine construction and a not unreasonable price makes these perhaps the top bargain among our group test of headphones.
Detailed but never clinical, these headphones revealed details of music we’d never previously noticed, yet they’re not short of the deep stuff.
Electrostatic earspeakers and dedicated driver unit together form the headphone system here, from one of the great longstanding brands, Stax.
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