Choices, choices. Sony hits a nice price by selecting the right features for its AV receiver.
Panasonic’s double-award-winning UHD Blu-ray player... and why it’s just what the UHD Blu-ray format needs.
Small is good. loud is good. small and loud is great.
Any colour you like, as Floyd said, then you can stick it flat on your wall and enjoy Micromega’s unique vision for on modern amplifier design...
A drummer at your feet? It’s either a sadomasochist’s dream or an innovative pedal.
Compact, pretty to look at, works with everything, sounds great, and can even drive higher-impedance, lower-sensitivity headphones.
A very solid, very well-built, high-performance integrated amplifier with an on-board DAC extends the Pioneer tradition...
A revised (upgraded) version of the original Triton Two, a design that’s proved to be very popular for a good many years now… and for very good reason!
Wanna play an acoustic guitar, but consider the necks to be a turn-off? Fender has some California for ya.
Invest in a Lundahl moving-coil step-up transformer you will be hearing not the sound of the step-up device, but the sound of your cartridge, with nothing added and… just as importantly, nothing taken away...
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