It needs a shift in thinking to consider Meridian’s active speaker solution. But it’s precisely those differences that make them so attractive.
With the determination to pull itself out of a financial rough patch, Gibson knows it has to really make its flagship Les Paul Standard count.
Their dynamics, their tone and their imaging are the highest on their long list of strengths.
Australia’s JVB puts its own spin on the coated guitar string, and they’re not a-frayed to be different.
Big is bad, ports are poxy and vinyl sucks. These are the three rules of subwoofer design, according to Richter...
QSC throws another hat into the crowded ring of portable digital mixers.
Music Hall mmf 1.5 Turntable Review & Test
Powerful and well-built, with an excellent on-board DAC that sounds amazingly good, but omits a few features some buyers might want...
High performance and excellent value for money... so long as you don't want DSD.
A brand new ‘APS-C’ D-SLR for under $500? How does Canon do it? Ah, well, suffice to say it will still make a profit on every one it sells.
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