Another issue, another Les Paul. Alex Wilson goes deep with this Epiphone to see what makes it stand out from the pack.
Markbass really hit it wit this tube-driven rock amp.
A slimline QLED screen, Android smarts, and a built-in bar for sound — with the X7 series TCL again shows its ability to deliver a high-quality television package at an attractive price.
As its name suggests, the Stream streams music from your network or from the internet, at top-notch quality.
KRK are back with the next generation of these all-too-familiar studio monitors. Alex Wilson cranks up a pair to see what’s going on.
Pro-Ject’s Phono Box S2 not only proves itself a fine custodian of phono signals, it delivers unexpectedly versatility.
If you’re lacking space or perhaps spousal consent for an audio system, consider the VAIL (Voice Artificial Intelligence Link) Amp, which combines an Alexa Dot with neat in-wall amplification.
The latest generation from BenQ delivers UHD resolution via four-flash DLP, with colour delivery also a highlight.
The magic word here is ‘MusicCast’, the wireless multiroom platform that puts this soundbar and sub in a streaming and expandable home music network.
The floorstanders and standmounts in B&W’s 600 Series make great stereo, but together you have the makings of serious 5.1-channel movie sound.
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