Fujifilm’s mid-range RF-style X Mount camera receives a comprehensive upgrade – more res, more focusing points and more speed everywhere.
Described by the company as, “straight-up rock with reverb and tremolo."
Fender replaces its American Vintage Reissue series with a fresh take on what a guitar inspired by the instrument’s golden era can be.
The evolution of an already battle-proven and highly awarded range, the subsonic pizzazz here is nothing short of astounding.
The Lumix G9 is Panasonic’s answer to the OM-D E-M1 Mark II, and so another mirrorless challenger to higher-end D-SLRs.
Mongoose' head unit is usefully platform agnostic with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto available.
Fine sound, good styling, a quality crossover — and priced at just under $500 for the set, so excellent value as well.
The original EOS 6D's full-35mm sensor was still a big plus. The Mark II is the much more complete machine, especially if your budget won’t stretch to a 5D Mark IV.
Sennheiser’s successor to the HD 650 home headphone throws your musical windows wide open.
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