Truly wireless, since even the power cables are optional, and CD-quality wireless at that, Aurender’s compact solution isn’t cheap, but the results are excellent.
The latest modelling amp from Vox doesn't try to cram dozens of models into one box; it focuses on getting a modest number of amps exactly right.
In a world where size matters...
Travel schmavel – there's other stuff going on here.
A smooth performer with real muscle.
Fender's newest little bass amp is crammed full of sounds designed to inspire you to create new genres and playing styles.
Fender revamps and renames its American Special series with some fun new tweaks.
Pick your colour, place your coaxial KEFs and fire up the app. Mains cables aside, these are truly wireless speakers that lift music to hi-fi levels.
The ‘2i’ edition of the Pulse Mini brings enhanced connectivity but also a higher level of performance.
We voted down the sound quality here, but on the other hand it’s the biggest speaker from the group we tested — and hey, it floats...
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