An established high-end and high-tech performer which thrilled us from top to bottom with its music delivery.
What’s remarkable about the Cocktail Audio X35 is not only that it does so very many things, but that it does them well, and under fairly easy control.
At $77,999 these are the most expensive headphones in the world - though you do get an impressive valve headphone amp included. Best sound ever?
The unusual finish draws attention to the similarly high performance level of this exceptional standmount, worthy of its anniversary status
Superb value here from this a full-HD Epson home cinema projector priced at just $1149.
The dinky B&Ws could serve as rear speakers, but it would be a shame not to enjoy their impressive abilities as standalone hi-fi stereo speakers.
Fender’s Classic Design line of acoustics takes in 22 models, all with their own flavour. They sent us four to give an interesting overview.
Use the 2tune as your main-room PVR and the T3 as a handy second-room extension for networked viewing of recordings, free-to-air and Netflix. Clever!
A tiny little DAC and headphone amp, designed to give you decent sound from smartphones. Which it does, extremely well.
At the asking price of $4999, this is really quite the bargain. Regular Blu-ray looks top notch, and Ultra-HD Blu-ray steps into near virtual reality.
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