Rainbow has a reputation for upstaging its competition — and the Germanium components highlight perfectly why this reputation is so well deserved.
Fine sound, good styling, a quality crossover — and priced at just under $500 for the set, so excellent value as well.
We review the top model in the company’s X Series range of speakers, with oval nano-fibre woofer cones, no less.
Drawing on British audio heritage, the Vibe BlackDeath 6C-V6 speakers, dubiously named though they may be, demonstrate that British quality.
From British company Vibe Audio come these new high-end CVEN splits with promising engineering and driver quality.
Clarion’s FDS combines the utmost in versatility with a simple and intuitive human interface.
They’re still easily able to outperform many other speakers… many that, just between us, are significantly more expensive too.
Outstanding sound quality, beautifully made and extremely tough, the Alpine DLX-F17S is a resounding winner!
At $79 for a pair of 2-way speakers with separate tweeters, we’re talking excellent value.
A breath of fresh air, competing easily in the $500-$600 range and cost less than the equivalent from more well-known brands.
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