Although American manufacturer Polk Audio is better known for its speakers and subwoofers; did you know it also develops its own amplifiers? Over the years there have been numerous ranges of power amplifiers emerge from Polk but this recent batch is worth getting excited about due to the actual design.
The 90s saw manufacturers making physically larger amplifiers and this shouldn’t be attributed solely to the market demanding more imposing boot ornaments. No; it was actually also due to the predominant technologies of the time. High power amplifiers meant high current flows via analogue switching systems. This in turn meant large input and control stages which ultimately lead to large chassis and hence the enormous footprints. Moving forward to today, we see micro-processors now employed in everything from personal computers through to kettles, so did you really think power amplifiers were going to be passed up? Of course not. And that’s why the new Polk digital series amplifiers are so impressive. Thanks to the advances in digital switching technology these amplifiers now output as much power as their past brethren but are literally a quarter of the size.


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