The catch-cry for American company Polk Audio is ‘The speaker specialists’ and let me tell you it didn’t stumble across this  moniker by accident. Exactly 40 years ago this year, the small specialist audio company was started in Baltimore, Maryland and with a brave foray into the high-end speaker market, it released its first line of quality speakers. Polk eagerly
awaited the market reaction to its somewhat innovative designs.

To state these early drivers were well accepted by the public is an understatement, with Polk growing in size to now being one of a few world-recognized pioneers in speaker design. We’re always excited when something new arrives from Polk because it’s a little like receiving Lego as a kid – despite seeing a million designs before you just know it’s always going to be something exciting – Polk likes to somewhat depart from the standards of the day. The new MM6501 component set is no different.

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