As we all know Option Audio have a wide range of car audio products to suit varied budgets. Their new active subwoofer however represents a blend of three such products which when combined solves a lot of problems all at the same time.

 Once again the packaging was impressive; with no illusion as to what you were getting. Specifications and a full inventory are on the box. Enough to make me wonder if Option Audio are once again going to come up with a product that punches way above its weight…

The package includes a wiring kit, the subwoofer driver already installed into a ported enclosure which also houses the built-in digital amplifier already pre-wired to the subwoofer.

Unpacking shows the enclosure and a cardboard box labelled “Cable Inside”. While the outside was nothing to write home about the contents definitely are! The wiring kit is more than ample for the amplifier and includes every possible ancillary item you’re likely to need. Plus they are of a high standard and appearance. The list of everything that is included is on the outside of the box for easy reference. The enclosure is a good looking piece of kit and is obviously built well – 15 mm thick and no over-runs with decent quality carpet.

While the enclosure is ported it doesn’t actually look like it – the port moulds seamlessly with the curve of the right hand side of the subwoofer and would look magic with an LED or two hidden inside. As a side note, when it comes to all pre-fabricated enclosures it’s always a good idea to re-tighten all external screws. I found a couple that had somewhat loosened (no biggie – happens in transit) and you may as well get all of the bass that you paid for. It’s also a good idea to re-tighten them from time to time but only ever do it by hand.

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