Now before you wonder what on earth I mean by that byline, let’s head back to 1975 when a small Israeli loudspeaker company was first conceived by music lover Meir Mordechai. His goal was pretty simple – he wanted to create the ultimate range of loudspeakers. If you fast forward to today and appreciate the amount of awards Morel has accumulated worldwide for its stunning range of high end loudspeakers you’ll conclude that Mordechai certainly succeeded in his goal.

However for a long time Morel did struggle a little in one area – entry level speakers. It simply didn’t have any and so for years Morel was simply out of the budget for many people because while the Morel speakers were not stratospheric in price, they weren’t cheap either. To address this issue Morel developed an entry level range of components called Maximo and to this day they’re selling great guns with their unique blend of fidelity and hard hitting force. But what about subwoofers? Well Morel had the same dilemma in that its top end was secure with the Ultimo range and the middle section was accommodated for via the SC range of subwoofers. However there was nothing for the entry level punters – until now.

Thank-you for looking up our Morel Primo 8 subwoofer Review. This equipment review is currently available only as a low-resolution pdf version of the original magazine pages originally printed in the July August 2012 issue.

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