In InCar’s last issue we featured a stunning yellow Nissan Silvia which is, more or less, an identical twin of the 200SX we get in this country. This time around we’re showcasing this superb the other doppelganger in an outstanding colour mix of golden top half and silver bottom, split with a tribal theme. Noice!

Stealth story
We’ll start by mentioning here that the 200SX’s interior has been kept pretty much standard. Owner Aaron Horn obviously opted for a more stealth look inside the cabin (the boot is a different matter altogether) although the factory-look hides a hell of a lot of work that went on in order to achieve Aaron’s objectives (he carried out much of the installation himself). Firstly, an Alpine INA-W502E was neatly integrated below the cabin climate controls. The head unit feature the optional Alpine PMD-B100E portable navigation system which is supported via an Alpine external antenna and docking cable.

The head unit passes the signal to Alpine’s IMPRINT PXA-H100 audio processor which in turn feeds its ‘conditioned’ signal to a Polk Audio PA500.4 4-channel amplifier for the front stage, a Sony XM-2100G stereo amp for the rear speakers, and a Polk Audio PA600.1 to power up the subs.

Speakerage is taken care of via Polk Audio Signature Reference Series SR5250 5.25-inch splits for the front stage and Soundstream Tarantula 6.5-inch splits which live in the boot lid. The twin Alpine Type-R SWR-1242D subs do their good thing for the bass.

The serious end…
The cabin may have been kept reasonably clear of audio gear clutter (as much as we love that kind of thing anyway) but the boot is the scene for the heavy gear installation. Custom corner enclosures were designed to maximise the bass power from the already well-capable Alpine subs. A false floor was also designed and just above it an amp rack customised. So, visually the subs are placed either side of the boot in custom enclosures wrapped in black Zandtex with the diaphragm facing outwards while between them, and in a staggered configuration on a yellow vinyl-covered baffle, sits the amplification. The boot lid is home for the Tarantula splits which sit either side of a Eurovox 15-inch LCD widescreen.

Aaron and his installation colleagues (Matthew Sutherland and Elite Car Sound) made allowances for the practical things too. For example, the amps were mounted in such a way to allow access to the battery. Easy charging of said battery was made viable by installing a C-Tek charging plug in the engine bay. What’s more, the fuse holder and main kill switch were moved to allow easier access.

The expert installation and wise choice of gear has led to success in SQ comps – for which the system was primarily designed – but surprisingly to Aaron, the car has also scored very well at SPL comps, taking out three
consecutive awards.

The exterior is a fantastic split between gold and silver with the aforementioned tribal theme splitting the two. Green pin striping enhances the look further. The immaculate respray job was carried out by 2SUS Custom Resprays.

The 20-inch double five spoke wheels, the all round body kit, and the lowered street gait (by HSD Suspension) give the Nissan further visual impact. Of note around the lower back is the massive GK Tech 3-inch Turbo back exhaust.

This Nissan 200SX ticks a lot of the boxes here at InCar. We like the subtle almost factory interior for its practicality but obviously superb performance and also admire the custom work involved with getting the best out of the boot’s much more overt installation. And then there’s that stunning paint job too. This 200SX takes both the silver and gold!


Engine: 2L Twin Cam
Intake: K and N Filterin Hi-octane air box
Transmission: Auto  
Exhaust: GK Tech 3-inch Turbo back with MagnaFlow high flow CAT
Controllers: Greddy Turbo Timer  
Wheels: 20 x 8  

Source: Alpine W502E with optional PMD-B100E portable navigation system  
Front speakers: Polk Audio Signature Reference Series SRS250 5.25-inch splits  
Rear speakers: Soundstream Tarantula 6.5-inch splits  
Subwoofers: Alpine Type-R SWR-1242D  
Front amplifiers: Polk Audio 500.4 4-channel amplifier  
Rear amplifiers: Sony XM-2100G 2-channel amplifier  
Sub amplifiers: Polk Audio PA600.1 monoblock  
Equaliser/processor: Alpine IMPRINT PXA-H100 tuned with IMPRINT Sound Manager V2.10  
Rear screen: Eurovox 15-inch widescreen   
Wiring: Mix of Stinger, Phoenix Gold and generic brands   
Battery: Optima D34 Yellow Top   
Lighting: Blue LEDs hidden in the boot and the speaker grilles
Sound deadening: Dynamat
Highest recorded SPL: 136.7dB   
Installed by: Aaron Horn, Matthew Sutherland and Elite Car Sound   
Total build time: 2.5 years   
Total component cost: $10,000 approx   
Credits: My best mate Mat for all the work he put in, the late nights before comps, and for helping me on my addiction to car audio. Jesse from Elite Car Sound for the amazing current install, Bassa and the boys from XXX for the paint, Aaron and Bill from Craig Hall for the mechanical work, Johno from Kim’s Detailing for keeping the car in amazing condition. Finally, my parents for letting me go this far and my girlfriend Janii for coming to all the shows and comps and supporting me in something I love