As you’re all aware there are certain manufacturers that offer nothing but bare-bones head units and while these will ensure that Mr. Jones and his wife make it to the mall and back with talkback radio, they don’t offer much beyond this basic operation. Then there are decks that possess feature and ability lists that resemble a telephone book – most of which are completely beyond our human ears.

When creating new head units the company in question needs to land the features list somewhere between these bland and bewildering extremes, while keeping the quality high and of course ensuring the looks and sounds remain appealing. One of the expert company’s at doing just this is New Zealand born and bred Fusion. Yes that same Fusion that only makes speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers has actually been developing head units for quite some time now and we’re not just talking ‘meat and two veg’ type units either. Some of them are aimed at the more serious audio enthusiast and the current king of the pile is the new CA-CD800 receiver.


Thank-you for looking up our Fusion CA-CD800 head unit review. This equipment review is currently available only as a low-resolution pdf version of the original magazine pages originally printed in the July August 2012 issue.

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