Like me, you may be wondering what type of company would have the audacity to run with a tag line like ‘killer car audio’. Truth is American born DB Drive is not the upstart it might first appear to be. See while the actual ‘company’ DB Drive is relatively young, the personnel behind it collectively have more years of experience behind them than many other companies can count, and that my friends is what entitles this company to use the byline killer car audio. Wel,l perhaps killer is a little strong but when you begin researching the company you get the impression that it well and truly knows what it’s doing when it comes to designing high quality audio components.


Thank-you for looking up our DB Drive S9 6Ccomponent speakers review. This equipment review is currently available only as a low-resolution pdf version of the original magazine pages originally printed in the July August 2012 issue. NOTE: THE NEW AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTOR FOR DB DRIVE is Mongoose (Australia) Pty Ltd

You can download it here: db-drives9-6c-compnent-speakers-review.pdf