Although by comparison to many other audio colossuses it’s somewhat younger and smaller, Indonesian born Crescendo is nowadays firmly established in the market pertaining to quality speakers, offering everything from entry level factory replacements through to high level competition and reference component sets.

During this time it has accumulated many awards, placed in many sound-offs and has shifted its overall perceived reputation from ‘promising beginner’ to ‘scarily proficient’.

So now that it’s turned speaker manufacturers worldwide faint, it’s currently making amplifier manufacturers very nervous because it has them in its sights; firstly dipping its toe into the amplifier pond with the four channel Sonata-Four and presently putting an entire leg in with its latest release – the Sonata Six.

Thank-you for looking up our Crescendo Sonata Six Amplifier review. This equipment review is currently available only as a low-resolution pdf version of the original magazine pages originally printed in the July August 2012 issue.

You can download it here: Crescendo Sonata Six Amplifier review.pdf