Clarion is releasing a new range of products!” Usually when stating such proclamations we’re greeted with groans because some look at it as an oncoming onslaught of marketing and maybe budget priced run-of-the-mill products right? Wrong actually – very, very wrong. See there are two certain letters that may not mean much to Mr and Mrs Average out there, however they strike literal fear into the souls of Clarion’s opposition. Those two letters are HX and are representative of Clarion’s supreme head unit HX-D2.

Soon after its release it was crowned best head unit in the world and became the benchmark for high-end source units; a benchmark to which many companies tried in vain to emulate. So imagine the tightening of body parts when the opposition learned that Clarion has now developed and released speakers and amplifiers that are also now proudly wearing the HX badge. Good news for us indeed, not so the case for the opposition.

Thank you for searching out InCar Entertainment Magazine’s equipment review of the Clarion ADP4000 Review originally published in InCar Entertainment January 2013

Part of the review is below, but the full text and specs are available in this PDF version of the original magazine pages - it looks nicer than us throwing a load of words up the screen here: Clarion ADP4000 Review.pdf


Clarion ADP4000 Review