Alpine DLX-Z17PRO

It’s difficult to believe that although car audio has been with us for over a century now, it was only during the 80s that the concept really gained traction, leading to many companies jumping in the fray hoping for overnight success. However as many quickly discovered this boom wasn’t going to be the pushover first envisaged. To be the best was not only going to take serious in-house ingenuity, but also the significant input from seasoned competitors.

Although somewhat reticent regarding the topic of external influences, most of the top manufactures cannot deny there’s a certain level of collegiality when it comes to developing the best speakers. A great speaker isn’t produced in a vacuum – many have tried and failed. No; instead a company must take in and respect its competitors’ achievements.
Wiser companies such as Alpine tend to espouse this mindset, and a few years back it enlisted assistance from audio genii in order to produce the stunning DDDrive component set – at the time considered the best the company had ever conceived. Ever the pedant; Alpine recently set out to change that supposition and the stunning new DLX-Z17PRO are the ammunition it plans to do it with.

An impressive evolution of the previous DDDrive design, the DLX-Z17PRO successfully blends existing technologies with some stunning new developments, the result being a wonderfully packaged set of flagship speakers which are a departure from anything Alpine has produced in recent years. The two-tone blue packaging is aplenty as these are designed as individual components, only to be carefully matched before leaving the factory door. When you do finally get to the drivers you’ll discover what can be only be described as downright erogenous. These drivers can’t be faulted – no matter which component you’re eyeballing or from whatever angle, the non-compromising design exudes professionalism and class.

The DLX-Z17W woofer is a 170mm driver is built very solidly and despite possessing a motor structure that’s somewhat smaller than some other high-end drivers, these diminished dimensions are unassuming. Deep within is one of the more technologically advanced motors on the market today, especially in relation to its advanced magnetic properties. When it comes to control; the key is to keep the voice coil working within the densest parts of the magnet flux. This prerequisite has seen a plethora of unique magnet designs over the years, with the aim to improve overall control of the linear reciprocal movement.

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Alpine DLX-Z17PRO 2-way splits