Musical Hall’s mmf-9.1 offers an amazingly high level of performance at an amazingly low price.
This is one sweet little phono stage.
A true ‘Reference DAC’ by which all other DACs should be judged.
A music portable that truly is to be reckoned with.
Don’t think I have allowed the beauty of the musicbook:25 to sway my opinions of its sound quality, operation and performance
The DAC2.7 is as high-res as they come, has more features on board than most DACs, and is better built than nearly all of them.
Enormously powerful, very quiet and with a sound quality so tonally accurate that it’s a constant delight to the ears
The good news is that a pair of B&W 802 D3s is going to cost you a whole lot less than a Steinway
Rare to find a sealed subwoofer at this price-point and equally rare to find one such a room-friendly (and partner-friendly!) size
If you want a pair of small speakers that will make your music sound fabulous, the Boenicke W5 SEs will amaze you with their ability to do just that!
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