A true ‘Reference DAC’ by which all other DACs should be judged.
A music portable that truly is to be reckoned with.
Don’t think I have allowed the beauty of the musicbook:25 to sway my opinions of its sound quality, operation and performance
The DAC2.7 is as high-res as they come, has more features on board than most DACs, and is better built than nearly all of them.
Enormously powerful, very quiet and with a sound quality so tonally accurate that it’s a constant delight to the ears
The good news is that a pair of B&W 802 D3s is going to cost you a whole lot less than a Steinway
Rare to find a sealed subwoofer at this price-point and equally rare to find one such a room-friendly (and partner-friendly!) size
If you want a pair of small speakers that will make your music sound fabulous, the Boenicke W5 SEs will amaze you with their ability to do just that!
Provides superb and neutral sound with cutting-edge resolution and micro/macro dynamics across the entire frequency range… and does so while looking pure supermodel gorgeous.
I have finally encountered a multi-channel AV receiver that has all the features I’ve been waiting for, plus the performance, power output and sound quality I demand
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