So long as you don’t insist on DSD capabilities, this is a first class portable DAC.
It has the pedigree, the performance, the power and a totally realistic price.
I have nothing but good things to say about Lindemann’s musicbook:55 power amplifier: It’s a great little amp.
Superb-sounding, incredibly accurate speakers with super-clean, truly depthy bass, complemented by a beautifully extended treble.
What sets it apart is its ability to be incorporated into a network via its Ravenna Ethernet protocol
Richter’s new Merlin V speakers sound bigger, better and more beautiful than I ever imagined a pair of small two-way speakers could sound
If you were thinking you wanted to buy a ‘last’ CD player, this is the one to get.
They’re musical, capable of taking power, and they offer thrilling horn clarity
Musical Hall’s mmf-9.1 offers an amazingly high level of performance at an amazingly low price.
This is one sweet little phono stage.
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