Questyle's Reference System is the ne plus ultra of desktop headphone audio
Getting centre-channel sound right is difficult. Krix does it right.
They’re back—HiFI Man’s award-winning Edition X headphones been revamped in a ‘Version 2’, with better sound and a lower price.
Buy one now… while you still can!
Investing in a pair of Harbeth speakers is an investment in a piece of British audio history, thanks to a direct, unbroken lineage that traces back to the heady days of the BBC’s finest achievements in audio reproduction.
The effect of power conditioning on any hi-fi system will vary significantly depending on the quality of the mains power being supplied to that system in the first place... as well as the performance of the mains conditioner.
The Musical Fidelity M5si is a beautifully-engineered amplifier that combines great sound quality with high power output and ‘sultry’ looks
You should be in absolutely no doubt that Yamaha’s NS-5000 loudspeakers will deliver music to your room with absolute sonic realism. They sound superb.
The Planar 3’s performance, ease of use and attractive design would seem to indicate that Rega’s turntables will remain leading lights for now, and likely for as long as the black stuff may last
the new Naim NAP 250DR uses exactly the same Naim-designed custom output transistors as the Statement, as well as the self-same discrete regulators (DRs) as the flagship amplifier…
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