The PSB SubSeries 200 is so good that I think that in bringing it to market this Canadian manufacturer may have inadvertently scored an ‘own goal’
Once you have purchased a pair of speakers, you’re stuck with whatever finish you chose when you first bought them... unless you buy a pair of Chameleon B's!
Is it too cheeky to include in these august pages a review of a DAC that costs a mere $350? Indeed, a DAC that comes from what is essentially a computer peripheral company?
Do audiophiles really want the features that are built into the Audia Flight FL Three S? Maybe not, which is why they aren't built in!
Check the capabilities, features—and specifications!—of Marantz’s NA 6005 Network player and you’ll find it hard to reconcile them with the recommended retail price, let alone the ‘haggle’ price.
JPLAY is piece of Windows software targeted directly at audiophiles who want the best sound performance with their computer-stored music, but it isn’t really a music player...
Boenicke website says: ‘Does it make sense to repeat again and again what has been ‘invented’ and built thousands of times before?
I like my life to be simple. And I like things to work every time… and all the time. Which is why I’ve pretty much given up on getting my music served up via a computer.
When a company bills itself as ‘the world’s premier manufacturer of furniture quality hi-fi speakers’ it’s pretty obvious that it cares as much about the finish of its speakers as it does about their sound quality
A curious name with a curious history, but what a great little amplifier!
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