Etymotic’s ER-6 Isolator Earphones are the best earphones I’ve ever used in terms of comfort, fit and sound quality.
You’ve got to hand it to Eveanna Manley, head honchess at Manley Laboratories. She’s not one to shy away from a challenge—and or let commercial sensibilities get in the way of her pursuit of the ultimate sound.
Usher Audio is going from strength to strength as a speaker manufacturer, and the new Usher Dancer Mini-X Diamond is a perfect example of all the company’s strengths
If you already have a good CD transport, I’d unhesitatingly recommend you purchase a B.M.C. DAC1Pre, because it’s a superb DAC and its pre-amp facility means you won’t need to buy a pre-amp.
The CLiC is Musical Fidelity’s first streamer, and it may not be quite perfect, but it’s perfect enough, and does so many things so well that it will make a great many people very happy…
When you balance this with the low price and the excellent sonic performance, Rotel’s RA-1520 amplifier really is superb value for money.
A very well-designed, high-performance subwoofer that delivers a flat, extended low-frequency response that will allow it to integrate well with any pair of hi-fi or home theatre loudspeakers.
For a company that specialises in the über high-end ...the Vitus Audio RI-100 has been conceptualised as an entry point with a generous taste of the fare that resides in Vitus’ upper tiers.
I was amazed to see the TDK Life on Record NC-150 active noise-cancelling headphones selling for just $59. What do you get for so little outlay?
Juan Carlos Candeias has created a quirky and unusual integrated amplifier that has real character, and one that will get you involved in your system… and your music… it’s certainly not a boring ‘me-too’, ‘set-and-forget’ amp!
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