If the MK Sound SB8 Subwoofer is not really a subwoofer, what is it?
These are profoundly revealing transducers that require a more concerted effort in terms of system assembling and synergy...
Yes, they’re chunky — but the comfort and size issues are the only negatives we can level at the PSB M4U 2s. They sound fantastic, while the three completely different operational modes make them a multipurpose performer for home or away.
The KEF LS50 brings the revered LS3/5A design into a new century, with application for both consumer and pro users.
Jamo’s C605 speakers don’t put a foot wrong: they do everything brilliantly… and all at a price that is so low that they’re a real bargain.
Used for home theatre, the ForceField 4 delivered punchy sound that was almost visceral in its impact, and depthy enough to reproduce the usual gamut of low-frequency sound effects
The A-S2000 puts Yamaha squarely back into high-end audio territory.
I’d personally recommend you buy the plain, basic KWI-200. It’s a great amplifier: powerful, well-built, and honest.
Designer Rick Stadelmaier does absolutely everything himself, by hand, from cutting the individual panels and applying the veneers through to hand-winding and calibrating individual inductors
Fully balanced from input all the way to the output, using exactly the same MOSFET device for the positive part of the signal waveform as it does for the negative part…
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