The best information display I have ever seen!
All the music you play though them will sound great!
If your tastes lean to the unusual and the exotic, this Swiss pre/power combo should be causing your radar to blip excitedly...
If you’re looking for a true reference pair of loudspeakers, speakers that do absolutely everything well and have no shortcomings at all, you need look no further.
New driver, new amplifier, new cabinet, and much better sound quality. What's not to like?
Given the precision and musicality of the Planar 6's transcription, Rega has delivered a perfect step up for those desiring a real hi-fi level of playback from their vinyl
Like no other CD player you have seen before!
Experience the gloriously spine-tingling high-frequency sound of B&W's famous diamond tweeter.
They do things differently in France... very differently!
Their dynamics, their tone and their imaging are the highest on their long list of strengths.
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