The new B&W 685 S2 is not only a significantly better speaker than the original; it’s also one of the best small two-way designs I’ve ever heard.
So good I’m amazed Marantz can deliver this kind of performance at the price. But the CD5004 is more than just a CD player, it’s a tool for musicians…
Pitch-perfect rotation, with no wow—or flutter—and no extraneous low-frequency noises: What more could you want from a turntable?
Alexia will be a landmark product for Wilson Audio, of that I have little doubt… so little doubt that I bought the review pair. A remarkable design.
If anyone ever asks how much you paid for the CD5004 you could tell them almost any price and they’d believe you.
This year, to celebrate his eponymously-named company’s 40th anniversary, Krix has designed and built forty very special pairs of loudspeakers
Despite the seemingly high price, the PSB HD8 is actually excellent value for money as a small subwoofer to fit inconspicuously, or simply for reasons of décor.
A small form-factor vertically-oriented amplifier that’s absolutely ideal for computer-based/streaming applications.
The Krix Phoenix V2.0 speakers deliver a really big sound, and one that’s amazingly lucid and also incredibly accurate
The Bricasti M1 is an outstanding DAC that offers generous connecting options, flawless build quality and exceptional technology.
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