Put the Krix Harmonix Mk2 up against any other similarly-sized speakers—at any price—and you won’t need any more convincing than to hear their sound.
You will be very impressed: Outstanding sound quality, excellent build quality and truly moveable
This amplifier does so many things right that it’s almost as if the designers had a tick-box from an audiophile’s wish list and worked away until they’d ticked all the boxes!
Don’t take your wife with you when you go to audition Sunfire’s HRS-10 subwoofer: it’ll destroy your credibility on all things audio!
It bears the same model number as previous Aragon 8008s but is a completely different design...
I’ve had a few niggles about the Project RPM 1.3 Genie in this review, but you need to regard them in the context of its asking price.
First impressions are always important, and the Harlequins certainly made a great first impression on me!
The Allnic Audio H-1201 is ‘distinctively individual’—and yes, some may even say it’s verging on ‘quirky. But the sound… ah, the sound…
If ‘low bass systems’ are the only products you build, you’d want to make absolutely certain that you build pretty good ones!
Focal’s new Chorus 706s are amazingly good speakers and, considering they’re made entirely in France, I am a bit stunned by how competitively priced they are.
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