Partner them with a suitably powerful amplifier and be prepared to be impressed.
Signature versions of loudspeakers are the audio equivalent of the ‘Director’s Cut’ in the movie industry.
A god-send for those living in apartments who’d like some bigger, deeper bass…
This player has so many quirks that it should carry a warning label: “For Audiophiles Only.”
Not only superb loudspeakers, but at the asking price, they also happen to represent outstanding value for money.
Certainly something out of the ordinary… and at the uppermost tranches of pricing, but I don’t think you’ll find a better-built unit
Mine’s bigger than yours! … is the one thing you’ll never be able to say about Def Tech’s new SC4000 sub
Is the Pro-Ject Elemental a ‘cheap and cheerful’ take on Pro-Ject’s higher-priced vinyl-spinners?
‘If I had heard them back then, I certainly would have purchased them on the spot for that price… they’re that good.’
The AVM Inspiration CS2.2 will be absolutely perfect for anyone who wants a component that will do everything... or almost everything!
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