If you’re in the market for a pair of state-of-the-art loudspeakers, forget the overpriced imports.
‘Without any shadow of a doubt, the high frequency performance of the Concept 20s was these speakers’ finest attribute...’
It’s easy to position, easy to integrate and chameleon-like in the way it appears to imitate the tonal character of whatever speakers it’s paired with. Brilliant!
How good is the Clearaudio Performance DC? It’s so mind-bogglingly good that I seriously thought about concluding this review by writing something along the lines of
If you want a really high-powered amplifier, there’s really no need to ‘compare the market’ before taking the not-inconsiderable plunge to purchase...
Where B&W leads, other loudspeaker manufacturers often follow, but when it comes to the CM10, that’s going to be very unlikely because…
The Rotel RA-12 is richly endowed with features, more powerful than you might guess from the specs, plus it also sounds excellent! Then there’s the price…
The best-sounding noise cancelling headphones we've heard.
The Parasound P5 is a fully-featured preamplifier, and a digital-to-analogue converter, and a headphone amplifier… and also an electronic crossover!
A top-shelf subwoofer at a bottom-shelf price!
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