Does everything… plus delivers better performance than DACs ten times its price!
The SC-LX89, like a Swiss army knife, bristles with useful tools that are tucked away out of sight, easily deployed when required.
Your first listening impression might be that they are lacking in impact, but this is precisely because they have such a flat, unemphasised response
Anyone ‘experienced in the art’ of valve design will have done a double-take when they heard that Allnic uses E180CC valves, because they were designed for use in computer circuits...
I could not fault the DCD-1520AE sonically, and neither could I fault it operationally… because everything worked perfectly.
Krix has produced a small speaker that can provide a seamless sonic picture and excels at reproducing detail and resolution
The company has put a good deal of thought into the Stingray’s features and the inclusion of an iPod dock
Your time has come. If you’ve always lusted after a Krell, now is the time to consummate your desires
It’s not hard to make a wish-list for a pair of Bluetooth headphones - Bowers & Wilkins doesn’t put a foot (or an ear) wrong with this P5 Wireless.
Superb-sounding speakers. They’ll perform best on speaker stands, but even on a bookshelf or wall-mounted they outperform other similarly-priced small speakers.
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