Yamaha is back in high-end audio and the NS-F901 is a fitting beacon
An outstanding performer, not only as a Streamer, but also as a CD player, as a DAC, and as a pre-amplifier!
An absolutely outstanding amplifier, which would be a bargain at its asking price even if you didn’t get a top-quality DAC into the bargain as well
Yamaha’s NS-SW300 incorporates some unusual—and unusually useful—technological features, including Active Servo circuitry…
It’s a sweetly refined transducer which reproduces extraordinary micro-detail... something quite special
Does everything… plus delivers better performance than DACs ten times its price!
The SC-LX89, like a Swiss army knife, bristles with useful tools that are tucked away out of sight, easily deployed when required.
Your first listening impression might be that they are lacking in impact, but this is precisely because they have such a flat, unemphasised response
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