Full review and independent laboratory test of the Krix Acoustix Loudspeakers by Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. Free download.

This equipment review consists of a full subjective evaluation of the Krix Acoustix Loudspeakers written by Edgar Kramer together with a complete set of independent laboratory tests conducted by Newport Test Labs and a test report written by Steve Holding.

The following downloadable pdf is an exact replica of the original pages on which the review appeared in Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, January/February 2010 issue (Volume 41 Number 1).

Download pdf here: Krix Acoustix Loudspeakers Review and Test

Brand: Krix
Model: Acoustix*
Australian Price: $1,095 (RRP)
Australian Distributor: Krix Loudspeakers

(*Since this review appeared in 2010, Krix has updated the Acoustix design, but retained the same model name. The main change was replacing the original 25mm soft-dome tweeter [pictured right] with a newer 26mm dual concentric diaphragm model fitted with a wave guide centre-plug.)

POSTCRIPT: If you plan on using a subwoofer in conjunction with these speakers, read an article on how to correctly tune that subwoofter's volume, phase and crossover controls to exactly match the Krix Acoustix speakers HERE