Full review and laboratory test of the Axis VoiceBox S Loudspeakers by Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. Free download.
This equipment review consists of a full subjective evaluation of the Axis VoiceBox S Loudspeakers written by Edgar Kramer together with a complete set of independent laboratory tests conducted by Newport Test Labs and a test report written by Steve Holding.
The following downloadable pdf is an exact replica of the original pages on which the review appeared in the ‘Esoterica’ section of Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, Nov/Dec 2016 issue (Volume 47 Number 6).
Brand: Axis
Model: VoiceBox S 
Australian Price: $2,499 per pair
Australian Distributor: Audio Marketing
POSTCRIPT: If you intend to use a subwoofer in conjunction with Axis VoiceBox S Loudspeakers, you will need to ensure correct integration of the subwoofer's output with that of the Axis VoiceBox S by setting the subwoofer's volume, phase and crossover frequency controls correctly. You can read an article on a simple, effective method of how to do that HERE.