It’s a golden era for accessory lenses right now, and Sigma’s high-performance Art Series for full sensor 35mm D-SLRs is contributing to the excitement.
The ‘independents’ offer some interesting alternatives to the standard zoom and Sigma has made its 17-70mm model even more appealing by adding optical stabilisation. Report by Paul Burrows.
A digital compact camera with a big sensor and optics to match Sigma’s revolutionary DP1 is different in concept execution and how you use it. Report by Paul Burrows.
The classic ‘fast fifty’ back only this time with the benefits of modern lens design and manufacturing technologies. Paul Burrows finds that Sigma’s 50mm f1.4 represents a new standard.
You know all is well with the world when you can again buy the traditional ‘fast fifty’ although Sigma’s revival of a classic design is packed with the latest technology. Report by Paul Burrows.