Ricoh’s first 16 megapixel camera unit for the GXR system matches its all-new ‘APS-C’ sensor with a high-performance 24-85mm zoom.
Ricoh GXR Lens Mount A12 Review
We’ve yet to see what might emerge from Ricoh’s recent acquisition of Pentax’s camera business, but in the meantime here’s something it made earlier.
Until recently Ricoh was small fry in the digital camera business (although the company itself is huge), specialising mostly in higher-end compacts and forging its own way in the CSC sector with its unique GXR.
It’s an interchangeable lens camera, Jim, but not as we know it. Ricoh messes with our minds with an… er, interchangeable camera camera. Report by Paul Burrows.
Ricoh is addressing one of the biggest issues keeping digital compacts off the radar for professionals – the limited dynamic range of very small sensors.
The digital compact camera market is more fiercely competitive than ever but Ricoh had carved out a nice little niche for itself with models aimed primarily at enthusiasts and pros. Report by Paul Burrows.
Everything that’s good about the CX1 including the double-shot HDR mode and multi-point white balance but with a longer zoom and faster continuous shooting. Another Ricoh digital compact for the discerning shooter. Report by Paul Burrows.