Mixing ingredients from both the NEX-7 and the NEX-5R, Sony has come up with a pretty juicy recipe for an enthusiast-level compact system camera.

Amid all the excitement surrounding both the SLT-A99 and the Cyber-Shot RX1 with their 35mm-sized sensors, the NEX-6 ended up being a bit overshadowed, but fortunately it’s now emerging into the limelight to show off its many capabilities.

Appropriately, given its model number, the NEX-6 is made up of elements of the top-of-the-line NEX-7 and the mid-range NEX-5R. It’s priced accordingly too, which means anybody who finds the NEX-7 a bit rich is going to find the NEX-6 a much more appealing proposition. Inherited from the NEX-7 is Sony’s fabulous ‘XGA OLED’ eyelevel viewfinder, the 7.62 cm LCD tilt-adjustable monitor screen, a built-in flash and a good selection of manual controls (albeit differently arranged). From the NEX-5R comes a 16.7 megapixels CMOS sensor, a new hybrid autofocusing system, Wi-Fi connectivity and a selection of proprietary in-camera apps.

Unique to the NEX-6 is its polycarbonate bodyshell and, most interestingly, Sony’s adoption of a conventional ISO-standard hotshoe which may signal the beginning of the end for the twin-rail Dynax fitting it inherited from Konica Minolta. However, it’s not quite a common-and-garden hotshoe because Sony has very cleverly integrated a 21-pin set of connections into the front edge to create what it’s calling the ‘Multi Interface Shoe’. This means the camera will accept standard hotshoe-mount accessories as well as Sony’s own dedicated accessories such as an external stereo microphone.

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