A little over five years after the system-launching A100 first saw the light of day comes the Sony D-SLR that should genuinely strike fear into the hearts and minds of its rivals.

To date, Sony’s progress through the D-SLR world has been steady, but largely unremarkable. This isn’t to detract from its rapid rise to the number three spot in most major markets and the general acceptance of the brand as a key player in the sector, but it hasn’t really done anything that looked like seriously challenging the Canon-Nikon duopoly.

Inheriting the Minolta platform gave Sony a solid foundation on which to build its D-SLR ambitions, but subsequently it has badly needed to establish its own identity and that, inevitably, takes time. There’s no question the company has had the resources – in terms of the ‘black box’ technologies – but what’s been missing is the deeply ingrained understanding of the market which enables Canon and Nikon to almost intuitively release designs that do more than just meet consumers’ demands, they exceed expectations. The Nikon D7000 is a prime example of this.

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