Do we need yet another brand of tripod? We do when there are some clever design features which deliver genuine benefits. Newcomer Sirui has come up with a number of tripod innovations – and they all come together in the super compact T-025.

Tripods can be truly troublesome things. Set-up and leveling can be timeconsuming, precisely positioning the camera a challenge, and let’s not get started on the problems of carrying one around. The camera bag and backpack makers have tried to make life easier with dedicated straps and such, but the reality is that tripods are a pain in the proverbial, except when they’re actually doing what they should. Of course, small is good when it comes to the carrying around bit, but very compact tripods tend also to be very compromised. They’re often too flimsy and restricted in their maximum height. So, when we were shown a tripod that, when folded, is small enough to fit inside even a modestly-sized bag and pack, but when fully extended reaches to just over 130 cm, we were pretty intrigued. Folded, it’s just 30 cm in length. It weighs 600 grams, but can support up to six kilograms. Now you’re intrigued, aren’t you?


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