Mounting Excitement
Ricoh’s innovative GXR compact system camera gains the all-important access to ‘legacy’ film lenses via a new M-mount module which  incorporates its own ‘APS-C’ format sensor.

A key aspect of the appeal of the Micro Four Thirds format cameras to enthusiasts has been the ability to fit a variety of 35mm era and D-SLRs lenses via mount adapters. Particularly popular is the practice of fitting the compact Mbayonet mount lenses – from Leica, Voigtländer and Zeiss – which nicely match the size of cameras such as Olympus’s E-P1/P2/P3 series and Panasonic’s G1/G2/G3 models. With a Leica M9 beyond a great many budgets, this route is a very costeffective way to use much-loved RF lenses with digital capture.

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