Pentac 110

As Lomography revives the 110 film format, it’s timely to revisit the most remarkable of all the 110 cameras which also remains the world’s smallest interchangeable lens SLR camera.

Before 35mm became the most popular of the film formats, there were various attempts at packaging up film to make things as easy as possible for the casual snapper. Among them was the 126 cartridge – the basis of the hugely successful ‘Instamatic’ cameras – and the ill-fated Disc which simply pushed the existing colour film emulsion technology too far. In between the two was the 110 format, also devised by Kodak – which really made all the running in those days – for its ‘Pocket Instamatic’ cameras.

Subsequently, quite a few other camera manufacturers adopted the format including Agfa, Canon, Cosina, Fujifilm, Hanimex, Minolta, Ricoh, Rollei, Pentax, Voigtländer and Yashica. Kodak even made its famous Kodachrome slide film in the 110 format.

Thank-you for looking up aour review of the Pentax Auto 110. This equipment review is currently available only as a low-resolution pdf version of the original magazine pages originally printed in the July August 2012 issue.

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