Power zooms have long been a standard feature on fixed-lens compact cameras, the ultra-zoom models and consumer-level video camcorders, but it’s enjoyed limited success in SLR/D-SLR lenses.

Canon once offered a 35-80mm EFmount powered zoom, but Pentax has been the biggest supporter of the idea and, at one stage, there were seven 35mm-era FA-series lenses with the feature, including a 250-600mm telezoom. Now with the whole video/ still convergence thing and interchangeable lens compact cameras – with their emphasis on speed and smallness – perhaps the accessory power zoom’s time has come.

Certainly almost immediately Panasonic had announced its pair of X-series powered zooms for the Lumix G system, Nikon took the wraps off its 1-Nikkor CSC lens lineup and, lo and behold, it includes a power zoom too. It’s hard not to see all the CSC players following suit sooner or later.

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Panasonic Lumix GX Review