Thank you for searching out the review of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 that was originally published in Camera Magazine, Issue 5 2011.

Panasonic’s third-gen G-series camera is both smaller and more capable than the previous model, although it’s also been repackaged to have wider appeal.
Importantly, the Lumix G3 retains the classic SLR look, although of course, the distinctive ‘bump’ contains
an EVF rather than an optical finder.
The effective resolution is increased to 15.8 MP which is a significant step up from the 12.1 MP of the second-generation Lumix G cameras and it’s matched by improvements in the data processing which yields an increased signal-to-noise ratio despite the smaller pixels.

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Brand: Panasonic

Model: Lumix DMC-G3

Australian RRP: $99

Australian Distributor: Panasonic