Olympus continues to re-establish itself as a major player in SLRs adding two new levels of model to its growing digital range. Paul Burrows gets behind the enthusiast level E-30.
For the price of a small hatchback you can instead have Canon’s first EF-mount 800mm supertelephoto and which can probably get you just as far. Paul Burrows limbers up to try out Canon’s biggest gun.
Canon’s new entry-level D-SLR offers significantly more features and performance for the same price as the outgoing model. Paul Burrows concludes that the EOS 400D is going to keep Canon on top in the D-SLR market.
A digital compact camera with a big sensor and optics to match Sigma’s revolutionary DP1 is different in concept execution and how you use it. Report by Paul Burrows.
Sony revamps its entry-level D-SLR trio with an eye to providing easier operation and improved value. Paul Burrows looks at the model Sony also hopes will help deliver more market share.
Panasonic shows the rest of the market how to make a real enthusiast's compact camera - the highly capable Lumix LX3.
Things have changed quite dramatically since the G1 was launched as the world’s first interchangeable lens compact, not the least being the arrival of more competition, more formats and lower prices. Panasonic is responding accordingly. Report by Paul Burrows
Tamron adds an optical stabiliser to its 28-300mm superzoom extending the useability of its telephoto focal lengths especially with an ‘APS-C’ format D-SLR. Report by Paul Burrows
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