Panasonic’s second Micro Four Thirds camera gets HD video recording some extra features a big zoom and a very big price tag. Report by Paul Burrows.
The original Lensbaby concept is refined in the Composer and allows for more control of focusing effects which increases its usability… and the fun factor.
The traditional values of the classic rangefinder camera and the convenience of digital capture come together in Leica’s M8. Report by Paul Burrows.
The classic ‘fast fifty’ back only this time with the benefits of modern lens design and manufacturing technologies. Paul Burrows finds that Sigma’s 50mm f1.4 represents a new standard.
Wisely Panasonic hasn’t meddled too much with the successful formula that is its TZ-series compacts… except for improving it. Paul Burrows finds the TZ11 is still the ideal travel companion.
It’s baaack! You’re a persuasive lot… so much so that Fujifilm has relented and brought back the original ISO 50 speed (on a good day) Velvia with its in-your-face primary colours and super fine grain. Now all you have to do is buy the stuff… lots of it.
In recognition that the 35mm rangefinder camera really does come into its own with wide-angle lenses Cosina has revamped the Voigtländer Bessa to make this more convenient… and allow faster shooting.
Redesigned both inside and out Canon's fourth generation 'small format' D-SLR sets new standards in every department. One day there will be a better D-SLR than this ... but we'll probably have to wait a while.
Pentax really gets down to business with its first enthusiast-level D-SLR throwing out a huge challenge to its rivals and providing a realistic alternative for anybody in search of a ‘serious’ camera. Paul Burrows tries out the K10D.
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