Very keen pricing and a significantly expanded feature set means that Canon’s latest entry-level D-SLR really sticks it to the mirrorless cameras being marketed as an alternative to the reflex.
Nikon’s giant-killing D800 is redefining the semi-pro D-SLR and, very possibly, the pro-level D-SLR too.
Sony’s lower-priced SLT-series
The D5100 is slightly smaller than the model it replaces,
With the X100’s hybrid viewfinder you can have
It’s quite realistic that you could carry the Quadra RX kit
So, the first of the OM-D series cameras really has a lot of making up to do
If Sony’s exceptional A77 is a bit beyond your budget or
The least well known of Fujifilm’s X-series cameras is possibly also the most remarkable model in the family. Leave behind all your preconceptions about superzoom
We tried out the PZ 45-175mm on the Lumix G3 body... it’s hard to believe that up to 350mm is available in such a portable package.
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