Ricoh GXR Lens Mount A12 Review
We’ve yet to see what might emerge from Ricoh’s recent acquisition of Pentax’s camera business, but in the meantime here’s something it made earlier.
Who’d have thought the utilitarian tripod might benefit from a bit of good old English eccentricity
The popular NX10 has been updated to include the ‘i-Function’ controllability of the NX100, adding extra convenience to what is already a very appealing CSC package.
Epson Stylus Pro R2000 Review
A camera that looks like a sardine can? Now here’s an idea that only one company would possibly consider, but if you want something truly different…
Interested in moving up to an A3+ inkjet printer, but don’t want to make a huge investment?
Panasonic’s third-gen G-series camera is both smaller and more capable than the previous model, although it’s also been repackaged to have wider appeal..
Very keen pricing and a significantly expanded feature set means that Canon’s latest entry-level D-SLR really sticks it to the mirrorless cameras being marketed as an alternative to the reflex.
Nikon’s giant-killing D800 is redefining the semi-pro D-SLR and, very possibly, the pro-level D-SLR too.
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