If you thought the XZ-1 was yummy, its successor is even yummier, and closer than ever to realistically being the fixed-lens alternative to a Digital Pen model.

There’s somebody at Olympus who thoroughly understands the tactile element of camera design… and has done for a very long time. From the OM-1 onwards, Olympus has built cameras that you just can’t resist picking up – the XA-series 35mm compacts, many of the mju-series models, the E-400 line of pretty little D-SLRs, the classically-styled Digital Pens and, of course, the E-M5.

And it’s the same with the Stylus XZ-2. Olympus is returning to the Stylus brand for its fixed lens compacts, and it will be used in all markets, replacing the more prosaic ‘mju’.

The XZ-1 had similar attributes, but Olympus has gone all out with its successor, from the name badge – etched onto the body rather than screen-printed and in the traditional typeface – to the neat little detachable handgrip, the plethora of classic controls and the matte black finish.

It looks simply gorgeous, with more than a few echoes of the E-P3 in terms of the gentle curves to the main bodyshell which, of course, is magnesium alloy. The sizes are also similar, so the XZ-2 isn’t going to fit into a pocket unless it’s a particularly generous one (such as in a rain jacket), but the extra millimetres give it real presence and this translates into the nicely weighty ‘heft’ of a serious camera.

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