Forget everything you’ve read about the V1 because the V2 is a new start and it’s a very different camera indeed. In fact, it’s good enough to go straight into our list of desirable compact system cameras. That’s quite a turnaround.

Nikon has done surprisingly well with its ‘1-series’ compact interchangeable lens camera system, but it’s been no thanks to the V1. All the hard yards were done by the J1 which managed to strike a near-perfect balance between size, styling and capabilities. No wonder Nikon has been quick to replicate this particular formula with the subsequent J2, J3 and S1 models.

The V1, on the other hand, was a bit of a mongrel that ended up being savaged by reviewers the world over. As is so often the case in this era of global media, there was a fair amount of jumping on the bandwagon as far as bashing the V1 was concerned and not all of it was justified. So, it certainly wasn’t pretty and the design was deeply flawed in terms of packaging enthusiast-level features in a camera with a ‘photography for dummies’ user interface, but there were some good bits… the hybrid AF system (now everybody is doing it), the electronic viewfinder, the superfast shooting speeds and the better-than-expected performance of Nikon’s small ‘CX’ format sensor. These are the bits that Nikon has kept, everything else has been dumped and the result is a total transformation. Consequently, the V2 is not an updated, improved and/or revised V1… it’s an all-new camera and very much represents ‘take two’ in terms of Nikon’s idea of an enthusiast-level compact system camera (CSC).NIKON V2  $1099*

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