Regular readers will know that we’re great fans of Nikon’s D600 here at Camera magazine. It remains a hard-to-beat package in terms of its 35mm-sized sensor, durable construction, a lengthy list of high-end features, sheer usability and an attractive price tag. Nikon has used much the same recipe with the D7100 except it uses an ‘APS-C’ size sensor and it’s around a grand cheaper (body only) to sweeten the deal. If you’re already committed to a set of ‘DX’ format Nikkor lenses – which would make moving up to the D600 an even more expensive exercise – the D7100 can still tick all the same boxes.

Taking its place as the flagship of Nikon’s ‘DX’ format line-up, the D7100 looks quite similar to its big sensor cousin, although not surprisingly, it’s slightly more compact. On both the top deck and the back panel, the control layouts are virtually identical and even, in quite a number of instances, use exactly the same controls (among them the input wheels, the navigator pad and the still/movie selector lever).

Like the D600, the D7100 has dual memory card slots for the SD format, and its bodyshell is a combination of magnesium alloy and polycarbonate covers with sealing against the intrusion of dust and moisture (to the same level as the D800 and D300S). It has the same size 8.1 cm LCD monitor screen (but with an increase in resolution to 1.23 megapixels plus a brighter RGBW display) and it uses the same EN-EL15 lithium-ion battery pack. On the top deck is the same monochrome LCD read-out panel and the viewfinder is pretty much the same save for the difference in magnification related to the smaller image size (0.94x versus 0.70x). The viewfinder is a proper pentaprism – rather than a pentamirror design – which enhances both brightness and contrast. In some areas though, the D7100 is actually better featured than the D600 – for example, its 51-point auto-focusing system and the provision of built-in stereo microphones for video recording.

Thank-you for looking up our Nikon D7100 Review. This equipment review is currently available only as a low-resolution pdf version of the original magazine pages originally printed in the Sept / Oct 2013 issue.

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