Can Nikon put a foot wrong in the D-SLR business at the moment? We’re not so much talking about a renaissance any more as a belle epoch. The list of recent home runs is truly impressive – D4, D800/800E, D3200 and now the D600 (with, we’re reliably informed, more to come).

The D600 is significant for a number of reasons. Firstly, it brings the 35mm-sized sensor D-SLR within reach of a much wider audience by virtue of being priced at under $3000. This, of course, is also true of the Canon EOS 6D and Sony’s A99 (although the latter is essentially a different animal). In reality, the ‘street price’ for the Nikon – which has the advantage of being the first of this trio already actually on sale – is more likely under $2500 body only.

Secondly – and this is more specific to the D600 – it brings a very high level of features and specifications to a lower price point. We heralded the D800 as the best value D-SLR on the market, but the D600 is giving it a serious run here even if it’s probably going to lack the superlative performance edge of its big brother.

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Nikon D600