By any measure Nikon has done a good job with the P7800. While it’s not substantially changed over the P7700, the inclusion of the electronic viewfinder makes a big difference in terms of the P7800’s appeal to enthusiast-level shooters… as does the improved external monitor screen.

Fujifilm’s excellent X20 sets the benchmark in this category, but Nikon gets pretty close given the P7800’s longer and faster zoom and the full scene coverage provided by the EVF. And, as far as EVFs go, this isn’t a bad one. The ergonomics are excellent, making for comfortable and efficient operation while the extensive feature set gives the P7800 impressive capabilities across the board.

All this is backed up by a better-than-expected imaging performance, especially between ISO 80 and 400, so the P7800 is easily in contention as an alternative to a CSC in the role of a D-SLR back-up. In fact, the P7800 is a lot more traditional in its control layout than Nikon’s own V2 and certainly any of the J Series models.

In what is now a pretty hotly-contested category, the Coolpix P7800 stands out as an accomplished all-rounder with a hard-to-beat combination of features, flexibility and performance.


Our full review of the Nikon COOLPIX P7800 appeared in the Camera March/April 2015 issue of Camera magazine.

It can be read or downloaded here in full as a PDF replica of the original magazine pages.

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Brand: Nikon

Model: COOLPIX P7800

Reviewed at: $549.00 est

Australian distributor: Nikon Australia