Australian design helps the SmartMyk stand out from the growing crowd of external microphones for D-SLRs, so do some smart features and a heavy-duty construction. If you thought photography had its fair share of gadgets, just wait until you get involved with shooting video with a D-SLR. It’s gadget heaven and you can, of  course, end up spending a small fortune on a full camera rig loaded up with accessories. Some of these you can live without – at least until you get more involved – but pretty well essential no matter what camera you’re using is an external microphone.

Consequently, the choice of models available for use with D-SLRs (or compact still cameras) is growing, and among them is the  Australian designed SmartMyk. The company behind it, My Myk, is based on Sydney’s lower north shore and has a background in audio production for TV and cinema. It’s specifically designed the SmartMyk for use on a D-SLR or CSC, giving it highly directional pick-up characteristics to minimise both background noise and handling noise. Incidentally, Australia must be gaining a bit of a reputation in this area because the Rode video microphones are designed in Sydney as well.

In microphone tech terms, the SmartMyk is a compact electret condenser design combined with a rejection – or resistance – tube to give a ‘super cardioid’ pattern of sensitivity. Essentially, this means that sounds from the sides and behind aren’t picked up (at least not at levels that are noticeable) and maximum sensitivity is achieved directly in front… i.e. from whatever the microphone is actually pointing at. You can think of it as being ‘focused’ on your subject so the SmartMyk is particularly suited to dialogue or somebody delivering a ‘piece to camera’. Additionally, the SmartMyk has a high-pass filter (fixed at 70 Hz) to minimise its sensitivity to low frequency sounds in order to reduce background noise such as the rumble of traffic.

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