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It’s remarkable just how much activity there has been in the world of tripods over recent times, resulting in quite a number of innovative designs and a growing list of new brands. You’d think a tripod was a just tripod – and once it basically was – but now there are all sorts of variations on the basic design and lots of thinking outside the square. And the handful of ‘traditional’ brands is now surrounded by a sea of names that weren’t around just a few years ago.

One of the most recent arrivals is MeFOTO – distributed in Australia by L&P Digital Photographic – and a sister brand to the more established Induro. While Induro targets professionals and enthusiast-level photographers, MeFOTO is specialising in tripods designed for travel-related applications so the emphasis is on compactness and minimising weight without unduly compromising capabilities.

There are three line-ups of MeFOTO tripods – the BackPacker models which are the smallest; the RoadTrip models which are a little bigger; and the GlobeTrotter models which are heavier-duty again, but still designed to be easily carried on the road.

All the MeFOTO models feature a design whereby the legs fold away ‘upwards’ – i.e. parallel to the centre column – to create an exceptionally small package for travelling. In fact, the BackPacker folds up to be just 32 centimetres in length so it’ll actually fit inside some camera bags or photo backpacks (hence, presumably, the name), but even the top-of-the-range GlobeTrotter is still only 41 centimetres when folded.

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