Things are tough in the digital compact camera business at the moment. The lower end of the category has been severely mauled by the camera-equipped smartphones while the upper end is under threat from the entry-level compact system cameras. Nevertheless, there is still a market for the fi xed-lens digital compact, especially where it is demonstrably superior to a cameraphone – not all that difficult really – and offers much better value for money in terms of its features and capabilities.

And while you’d think there wasn’t really any room for another brand in this category, GE has slowly been making inroads with a carefully targeted range of models. This is, of course, a branding exercise – just like Kodak and Polaroid are these days – but the products themselves have so far proved to be strong competitors, if sometimes lacking the overall fi nesse of the mainstream brands.

The G100, however, steps up in this regard as it looks smart, is well-made and packs a lot into its slimline bodyshell. It’s combination of size, a 15x optical zoom, a 14.4 megapixels (effective) sensor and a feature set that includes full-res continuous shooting at up to 10 fps puts the G100 into the ‘travel zoom’ class where it’s around half the price of the comparable Panasonic or Sony models. It’s available in black, white or red colours and the bodyshell incorporates a rubberised handgrip, a conventional mode dial and a raised housing which contains the pop-up fl ash. All this combines to give the G100 more of a classic look than some of its rivals and it feels very comfortable in the hand.

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